Landorlyn "Building Democracy"

Session 1 & 2 Recap


Session 1 Recap

The PC's were beckoned by Lord Brendan Wallis to feast in the Royal Dinner Hall, and to discuss the reason for their summons. While the PC's eat they introduced their self to each other. Five minutes later the Lord rushed in and sat down with a stack of papers and a pipe in his mouth.  Again the PC's introduced their self to the Brendan and each of them had an interesting story to tell. Then Lord Brendan ask the pc's to become his left hand men, and he needed there full corporation. 

The pc's accepted, and began a month of training with the lords previously hired adventures group.  Rob "Spot the Sneaky", Big "Hammer Fists", McMillan "The Stout", Jace "Boomcaster" each took a member or members of the party to train them so they become stronger.  During the month of training there was several sessions of team building exercise, where the group work on there formations and tactics.

After that month the pc's parted ways with there teachers, and are now ready to help protect and preserve democracy.  Back at the royal dinning halls Lord Brendan ask of them to investigate and solve the problem of thieves attacking Brendan's Bridge. So the pc's suit up and head off for there first job as the newly formed left hand of the Lord of Landorlyn.  The group reaches Brandon's Bridge, only to be startled by the sight of two burned down houses, and the mayor's house completely ram sack. After assessing the situation the Sneak ???, starts gathering information.  He was able to locate the wounded merchant trader who saw the whole thing from outside the village.  He describe the horrible scene were the two houses were burned down while the others were ransacked. The Mayor of Brendan's Bridge was dragged out into to the street by one of them.  The crazed bandit stabbed the Mayor to death, while other bandits took valuables out of his house.  He recalls that the bandits came from the north, and how they stole Olam's daughter Julia.  The pc's go to Olam's house to ask him questions, and to look for clues (tracks/scent) for them to follow.  Olam is the town's go to man for guidance, and leadership, since the mayor was just a pompous good for nothing.  Olam was very distraught by how he was to busy farming to notice that his daughter was captured.  Olam answers questions about his and his daughters psionic powers, and it leads the party to thinking either: a) someone is trying to threaten Olam with his daughters, to get him to do something, or, b) the bandits wonted to use the daughter for destructive purposes.  After the extended talk with Olam the group follows tracks that lead up north.  The tracks are fresh, but they were confronted by two hungry bugbears who ask them to give up their valuables or die.  Saying "no" the group confronts, and kills the two desperate bugbears. 

Continuing following the tracks the pc's notice that Julie and a bandits scent split off from the group and head to what they believe to be the abandoned shack.  The Sneak ?? goes up to the house and investigates.  An Ogre has gagged and beaten Julie to a depressing unconscious state.  The Ogre seems to be painting her picture.  The Ogre, who is a bandit, has artistic abilities, and a urge to use them.  He trying to paint the essence of fear, but the group stops him.  With master Telperien's traps and awesome alchemist fire, and the others swift arrows the Ogre is ambushed, and swiftly defeated. Saving the girl and looting the ogre shack (yellow mold) the party sets off.  With the girl delivered safety to her father the party adventures on to the thieves' lair.

On the way to the Thieves Lair the pc's find a half-orc barbarian sent by Lord Brendan to aid them.  Taking advantage of the cover of night the pc's kill the guards, but still one of the bandits alerted all of the other bandits.  The sneak ?? stealthy dispatches of one guard while the druid and his wolf take out the bandit hyena trainer and a guard.  The strong knight and the fearless barbarian engage and kill the rest.  The sneak looks down stares after dispatch the guard only to be confronted and knocked unconscious by a bandit half orc barbarian with a light flail.  Seeing this, the already enlarge Barbarian hustles over there to slice through the weak (in comparison) barbarian in half.  The healer Cyato wakes up the rogue and tends to his wounds with magic. 

Session 2

The party collects the enemy's weapons and treasure and journey down into the living quarters.  After the trap sprung and sickened the sneak the party finds the armory, and Brendan Bridge's set of holy stuff.  The dumb barbarian lets loose a strange jelly that attacks him.  After a few acid burns the Barbarian, with the help of the party destroy the wine based jelly.  They find more treasure (fur coat) in the foot lockers of the roused bandit defenders open rooms.  Around the corner they confront the rest of the bandits and their leader.  Amras noticing them quickly alerts the party, while moving up to color spray the bandits.  Surprisingly all the Bandits succumb to the colors and are knocked out or stunned.  The stunned one was quickly killed by the wizard who stabs him.  One was left to be tied up and questioned.  But the bandit was slipping out and was ready to attack, making the half-orc have no choice but to kill him, after the bandit punched him. 

Finding the town's gold (1000gp) and the mayor's ring, the group decides to explore the locked tombs.  Unlocking the tomb and finding readied dire rats and a were-rat with two swortswords.  The dire rats attack and give the party a hard time with the diseases.  The were-rat angry that Amras had noticed his plight strikes at the him with his shortsword. The were-rat stumbles when he tumbles and gets attack, on top of stumbling he misses with his swortswords.  After the rats were dealt with, a ghoul rose from its sleep to attack the party.  Amras darringly jumps on the casket to prevent him from rising, but the ghoul rises still and paralyzes him.  After defeating the ghoul they heal and rest in the bandit's quarters.  All that experience in the lair made the party stronger (Leveled up).  With the treasure in hand and the town's money (1000gp), and items (Mayor's ring, Holy stuff) the pc's head back to Brendan's Bridge.

Party Gathering

People joining post here. Yea lets get some people in Chris's campaign


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